Saints Super Bowl Parade vs. other cities (1 Viewer)

That is controversy over nothing. Something Yahoo has become very good at with reporting.
Most cities look like they don't even try. They just line up some vehicles - any vehicle - and the players all crowd on and they drive down the street. Those little platforms that look like decorated hand-trucks crack me up. They might as well use skateboards.

I completely understand the reasons why we had the best Victory Parade ever, but it still makes me cackle when I see fans in other cities chasing fire trucks and tanks down the street.

Besides, we all know it's not a real parade unless the riders are throwing stuff.
not even close.

We should have let Baltimore rent NOLA to throw the parade and party for them.



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They had a great parade and it ended with them pulling into a full stadium on a 32 degree Tuesday morning. This story is stupid. Congrats to them and thanks for beating the **** out of the 49 ers. Something no one in our division could do.
It isn't fair to compare any parade to one in New Orleans; it's like comparing South Beach to Shell Beach.
Nobody throws a parade like us New Orleanian's. Interesting that Baltimore incorporated the military in the parade. I think it was a nice gesture.
I want to make fun of their parade but a FULL stadium? I'll admit, that surprised me that Baltimore could pull that off.

And it's totally not fair to compare it to our parade. Parades just break out in NOLA without even trying so there's no comparison.

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