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I see a lot of trouble on the horizon in Pittsburgh this weekend.

Every talking head that deems themselves and NFL pundit has placed a tombstone atop the Pittsburgh Steelers' season. It appears to be unanimous. Chris "Done Deal" Mortenson has sent flowers. Pete Prisco declares, "The Pittsburgh Steelers have something in common with Saddam Hussein -- they both got death sentences Sunday; Hussein by hanging, the Steelers by Super Bowl hangover." OUCH!

The Steelers are a very prideful team and "will not go quietly into that goodnight". We are going to be in for a heckuva (couldn't resist) game this weekend. Maybe it is just my long history with the Saints that makes me worry so much every week.
The Steelers will still have to pick their poison.
A.) Marques Colston
B.) Reggie Bush
C.) Deuce McAllister
D.) Joe Horn
E.) Devery Henderson
And oops, I forgot the Administer of Poison (he'll give you the correct dosage).
Drew Brees.

Any questions?
I see this as a Trap game for us also. They are going to be more fired up than ever... I hope for the best, but I think it will be a Loss.
the steelers can score quickly with ward (he scares me), if they do then we will get away from our running game and it will be on Brees to catch up and outscore them. We did this @ green bay, but couldn't do it at home to the ravens. I'm guessing they will try to emulate their division rivals plan to dismantle the Saints. Whether they can pull it off remains to be seen
Yes, Dan and Atom. This one has "Trap" written all over it.
And I read on ESPN that Payton gave the guys today off. What was he thinking? I hope this doesn't turn out like the Ravens game. Too much time off, not enough preparation.
Zach Strief will take care of everything from the bench. Mark my words.
It could be that last week was their big focus game, and they shot their bolt with their best game of the season but just couldn't hang on to the ball. You'd think that if there was going to be a "kitchen sink" game it would be against a big AFC playoff rival that they beat in the AFC championship game on the way to the Super Bowl last year.

Also, there is the Ben Headache factor, the Super Bowl Hangover factor, and the Is Our Coach A Lame Duck factor, and other distractions that make it hard to execute with confidence. They're 2-6 for a reason.

Yes, a wounded opponent can be dangerous, but they can also shoot themselves in the foot trying too hard to hit five-run homers. If we stay cool and disciplined, I like our chances, even on the road, against a powerful but struggling team.
The Steelers have been unlucky, played some tuff teams (except Raiders) and seen their QB play way below average.

This will be their "save the season game". We will need to start fast (as against the Bucs) and play really disciplined football. Let them panick and put some pressure on Big Ben (who is awful right now). Will be a close, close game
x 3. I really, really wish the Steelers would've won last week. The Steelers are a good team that have caught alot of bad breaks and shot themselves in the foot. So now the Saints are facing a team, whose at home (they play great at home), been called "done" and openly laughed at by ESPN's talking heads, will have a 900 lb. chip on their shoulders. Great. This is a "statement game" for the Steelers, they will be looking to not only to beat the Saints but destroy them to prove they're still "legit".......
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Yes, Dan and Atom. This one has "Trap" written all over it.
And I read on ESPN that Payton gave the guys today off. What was he thinking? I hope this doesn't turn out like the Ravens game. Too much time off, not enough preparation.

I read that same article, and I have no idea why you would give the players an extra day off. I'm guessing this might be the last opportunity for a while, as the divisional races start to shake out. Then again, the waterpark outing during TC didn't seem to hurt, so I'll give Coach Payton the benefit of the doubt. :)

I've been dreading the PIT game (multiple workplace bets w/ Steelers fans), and the day off thing isn't helping any. Thanks a lot, Jamar Nesbit.

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