What happened to the DVDs from 9/25? (1 Viewer)


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Sep 22, 2003
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There were a few posters here who were claiming to be putting together DVD's of the MNF game...Haven't heard anything about them. I sent PMs at the time, but never heard anything else. Anyone know? Would really like to own one.

If someone will send me one, I'll make copies to mail out.
I have the game with pregame and post game tivo'ed, but when I went to transfer it to the computer, it would not go through. Well I have not given up, I will keep working it and post a thread when complete.
krump....whats the issue: getting off tivo or converting the .tivo file. PM me if you need tips on how to convert out of .tivo.

I have the game and Monday Night Countdown recorded on my Direct TV tivo in HD but don't know how to get it off. If anyone can help me i can put it on DVD.
Look, I have it on DVR. I would also be willing to put it on a dvd for someone, if i knew how to do it. *goes to get instruction manual*. I will post some more later tonight once I figure it out. I have ATL PHILLY both Tampa games and Baltimore on my DVR. I will get back to you guys on this later let me do some research.
I have it on DVD already. It starts with the Monday Night Countdown and runs through the end of the game.

I gave a copy to Kevin Foote here in Lafayette and I think he's given a copy to a couple of people.

If you are interested, PM me. I don't know what the mailing cost is but I'm willing to send some copies out.

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