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Mar 14, 2006
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Ok let's say the Jets gave up the farm to draft Bush, and we were sitting with :
(2) 1st Round picks - Jets 2 first rounders
(2) 2nd Round picks -1 being our own & the other from the Jets
(1) 3rd Round pick - Jets

*Assuming that was what most people wanted from the Jets.

Knowing what you know now.......who would you have drafted?
I would have traded them back to the jets for Reggie.............
Well, I'm sure most people will choose people that are doing well to look like they know what they are talking about. I'll try to do mine based on who I was high on BEFORE the draft, and who of those was still on the board at those picks. I would have gone with BOTH of the Jets first round picks

1a) Brick
1b) Mangold
2a) Thomas Howard - LB - UTEP
2b) Claude Wroten - DT - LSU
3) David Thomas - TE - Texas

Honestly, I still think the Saints are a better team with this draft than with Bush (flame on).

Deuce would run for 5 YPC behind a Brick-Nesbit-Mangold-Evans-Brown offensive line, and we would be set for ten years. I'm not sure how Howard or Wroten have done. Brees would absolutely love David Thomas. He'd have 600-700 yards for the year, easily.
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I would have kept Reggie.

This would be a fantastic addition to the thread, if this thread was titled "Would you have taken a first, second, and third rounder for Reggie?".

Keeping Reggie is not an option in this scenario. You already traded him. Try to add something constructive, please, instead of just cheerleading.
We might have been a better team but we will never know. I really dont know how those 2 line man are performing but they were the best in the draft so I have to beleive they are doing good. If I was making the decision come draft time I would have seriously thought about passing on Bush. Not because I didnt think he was worth it but because we could have filled alot more holes on this team. Our Oline for instance could have been good for years to come. All in all im glad we got Reggie.
Reggie may not have rushed for 1200 yards by now, but the exposure he brought the city in the national media was much more valuable.

But as thats not your point, I probably would have gone with DBrick and Mangold in the 1st.
Reggie may not have rushed for 1200 yards by now, but the exposure he brought the city in the national media was much more valuable.


That is not the question the thread asked. Again.

People, the reason every thread disentegrates into either cheerleading, bashing, or stupid jokes, is because no matter what the thread, some people have a certain stock answer for any thread even somewhat related to a certain player.


"Should we use Reggie on kick returns?" - response "Reggie was a great draft pick!!!!"
"IF we didn't take Reggie, who would you have taken!" - response "Reggie was a great draft pick!!!"
"Should the NFL let Reggie wear gold shoes?" - response "Reggie was a great draft pick!!!"
"Reggie shot my dog!" - response.... (you get the point)


This would be an interesting thread to see who everyone _would have_ taken if we traded the rights to Bush for a bunch of picks. But instead it's already fallen apart into people just defending the Bush pick.

Stick to the topic. Let's be original here.
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Well, we now know that the Saints FO would have taken AJ Hawk with 2 if the Texans had taken Bush with 1.

With the rest of the package, frankly I forget.
brick and mangold would have been huge for the saints, with deuce healthy behind that oline (JB back at RT) - talk about time of possesion, then throw in Brees - our offense would have been unstoppable, but that all depends on how DBRick is as a run blocker, and how he would hold up against the NFC South DEs - though the salary cap hit after the rookie deals wer eup would have mega dollars in the oline. (brown, ferguson and mangold, all 1st rounders, all would be up or new deals about the same time)

if deuce and bush can both be effective runners, the draft we had is hard to beat when you consider the Fain and Thomas deals , and colston, evans and strief - if Strief moves to RT in place of stinch this draft class in terms of oline is pretty darn good,, actually better that the jets when you consider Faine (c, rg, rt)
I was really hoping that we would get either D'Brick or A.J. Hawk. When you are 3-13, you see a lot of holes on both sides of the ball.

The few days before the draft, however, I was just hoping beyond hope that we did not get Mario Williams. That seemed like the one possible pick that made no sense to our team.

At the time, I thought that Bush was a greed pick and not a need pick. I am, however, warming up to the pick, now that I see how the coaching staff is using him.
People often respond to a thread with irrelevant comments........
Kettle/Pot come to mind......
I would have been VERY pleased with Hawk and Mangold.
Then we would have stayed pat in the second with our pick, and picked D'Qwell Jackson.
We could have picked a OT with 2-b
3-a.. CB 3-b DL
I think i would go with hawk before ferguson. brown is playing lights out on the left side. IMHO mlb would be way more of a need than having brown at rt.
knowing that our oline is playing so well I'd have drafted Hawk with the 1st pick and then taken Joe Addai with the 2nd 1st rounder. In the 2nd I'd have taken whoever is the best corner that came out of the 2nd round along with who we took, I'd have traded our 3rd for Donnie Edwards

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