where was devery henderson>? (2 Viewers)


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Mar 16, 2002
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Opelousas, LA
guy scores tds when he plays but we dont give him a chance? I dont understand that:no:
It was completely insane for him not to start this week! Seriously what was the coaching staff thinkings?!? He had a huge game for us last week and this week we find him on the bench!!!
Wow! Just got back to a computer after the game and was expecting something here. Crazy that nobody knows why he's MIA. :shrug:
i dont get it. this is getting annoying... almost as annoying as having to login into this site again and again...
I don't get it, either. He must be doing (or not doing) something that we don't know about during the week. That we were relying on Terrance Copper to make the game-saving catch with 50 seconds left says there's got to be something.
I think Payton has a little of Has. hard-headedness toward Henderson. I can understand it.
I can't imagine what Henderson's done to be THIS much of an outcast in Payton's eyes.
I thought I saw him in there a few times... maybe not... it may have been"18" and not "19" ...


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