1. Andrus

    Drew Brees' Big Game Helps Gets the Victory Over Browns!

  2. New podcast with Nick Underhill and Rhett Lewis

    New pod with Nick Underhill from the Advocate and Rhett Lewis from NFL Network talking Saints. Check it out. View: iTunes link
  3. New Podcast with Luke Johnson talking about where Saints stand heading into the 1st preseason game

    View: Itunes Link
  4. Saints Training camp Preview with Mike Detillier

    New Podcast had an interview with Mike D talking about Saints and the roster for 2018. Haven't heard of these guys before but the episode was good. View:
  5. Who's up for it ? Pick 10 Teams (to make up Your Team), for Gameweek 1 - 1 point for every team selected that wins

    Hey Guys, Who's up for it ? Pick 10 Teams (to make up Your Team), for Gameweek 1 only - 1 point for every team selected that wins You have until 15 minutes before the 1st game starts to join - Winner takes the pot and bragging rights ::rant:
  6. Invictus

    NFL Ratings Bonanza

    Looks like the NFL is alive and well, as the league registered a record-setting wild-card weekend, right after another nice increase in TV ratings for the regular season that just ended. Moreover it seems that the New Orleans market is one of the most active ones. If you want to delve between...
  7. Invictus

    A week in the life of an officiating crew

    Zebras are generally despised (and sometimes rightfully so, as the continuous blunders of such referees like Triplette can attest) by the vast majority of fans in almost every sport, however I think that their job is not an easy one and requires great attention to details. Last week the MMQB...
  8. *_deuce_*

    The Saints have some of the best dressed fans in the NFL.

    Looking at the Photo`s over at,looks like were one of the teams that have the most outgoing fan base.A few pics of our own there.:9: Best dressed NFL fans Gallery PIC1 PIC2 PIC3 PIC4 Some Pics from OTA`s Gallery Ivory Pierre
  9. *_deuce_*

    (Article)Sunday Night Football First Sports Series to Rank as Most-Watched

    Sunday Night Football First Sports Series to Rank as Most-Watched Primetime Show for Full TV Season FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 24, 2012 With the conclusion of the 2011-12 television season last night, NBC’s Sunday Night Football topped all primetime entertainment programming to become the...
  10. *_deuce_*


    Transcript: Commissioner Goodell at 2012 Spring League Meeting NFL COMMISSIONER ROGER GOODELL LEAGUE MEETING MEDIA BRIEFING ATLANTA, GA We had a very productive day. We talked a lot about and took a lot of action towards our continuing commitment to the game. We spent most of the morning...
  11. *_deuce_*

    NFL Referees Association head optimistic about labor talks (Article)

    NFL Referees Association head optimistic about labor talks The labor contract between the NFL and its game officials is scheduled to expire at the end of May, but NFL Referees Association executive director Tim Millis is optimistic the sides will reach a new deal before then. "We'll continue...
  12. NFL Precedent

    While we discuss the extent of the penalties imposed on the Saints so far by the NFL let's also look at NFL precedent for what the violations should be. But before I go into the details of previous incidents, I would like to first point out that I have not heard a single Saints fan say that...
  13. ac4400cw

    The "New" Greatest Show On Turf

  14. LifezaBrees

    Nfln saints top 100

    I haven't been keeping up with the top 100 players rankings on NFL Network. Which Saints have been in it so far. Also, when does 32 teams in 32 days Saints Edition come on? Thanks!:worthy:
  15. saintsinNO

    Why Brees is involved in the labor dispute (ESPN) Today is a big day. Hopefully they get closer to some sort of settlement, but I still don't buy that this at all has anything to do with the fans...I just want football...
  16. ac4400cw

    Marshall Faulk

    He may have not been a Saint, but he's making New Orleans proud!! Congratulations to Marshall Faulk on his induction into the NFL's Hall of Fame.
  17. mikaloyd

    N/S Jared Allen warned his sack celebration will be a penalty and maybe a fine next time [merged] Dang it Goodell! You are going to make me defend a Viqueen! Let that boy boogie woogie. He isnt hurting anything with his goofy calf roping dance.
  18. Deuceistheman

    How many police motorcycles does it take to escort the Colts buses to the stadium today?

    32! Aint dat special? Listening to the NFL network, I have heard 32 motorcycles, mentioned at least 10 times, when the colts were getting ready to board thier buses to go to the stadium. They must have one motorcycle from each NFL city there....LMAO! They are stretching things a bit to talk...
  19. difrnt Photo Resolution Converter

    Winning the NFC Championship has inspired me to grab a couple of high res photos off of to hang in my Saints room, however I got tired of shortening the URL manually, so I made a program that automatically does it for you. I call it the Photo Resolution Converter! It's pretty...
  20. NFL Player Week 7 Review Great read, plus he gives the Saints some love.
  21. Week 6 Recap by NFL Player.

    How did the Saints do in week 6? NFL player gives a recap of games this week. Good Read.
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