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So, how desperately should Xander go at making a birdie here?
Does he want to go into a playoff with DeChambeau who is red hot today?
Looking at that lie next to the bunker, all I can see is myself either hitting it fat due to the ball being above my feet, or hooking it out of sight! :shocked:
What a fabulous shot by Schauffele! He did what he needed to do to go for the win here.
From Xander’s angle on this next wedge shot, he needs to realize how slow that green is trying to get over that ridge that divides the green. If he doesn’t figure it out, it will likely come up short. :covri:
What a fabulous shot by Schauffele! He did what he needed to do to go for the win here.

Yeah that shot won the tournament unless he somehow misses this five footer
Yep. It checked up very quickly! :eek:
But he has been making that length putt all day long.
Hard to believe this putt is for his first major. Hopefully it doesn't get to him.
I can make that putt. But I can miss it much more often than get it to fall.
But Xander makes it! 👍
Great finish. I was thinking this morning that 20 under par would probably win it. It took 21 under. And the amazing thing is that Xander wasn't getting the bounces and had some bad breaks on the final day when he shot a 65. On the other hand, I thought at times DeChambeau had sold his soul to the devil given the bounces he was getting. Starting with the 18th hole yesterday, he had two absolute miracle chip shots where the ball finds the hole, and then this afternoon on 15 or 16 his drive goes way off the fairway into the trees and then bounces 30 yards back into the fairway.
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There are multiple reports online that the district attorney's office in Louisville has decided to dismiss all charges against Scheffler.
Well, video seems pretty clear: this was an butt crevasse cop who then doubled down and lied to make it worse. Unless this video is after the first contact happened

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