Mickey Loomis gets a 'C' Grade for Draft? (1 Viewer)

Yea I saw it too. Just when bleacher report was gaining credibility they go off and publish this equine excrement
Yeah and if I remember correctly, I think it was them who gave our John Jenkins pick a F...seriously? Jenkins is exactly what we need to anchor the middle and rotating with Bunkley will keep both of them fresh. But somehow we got a F for that pick...
What the hell? Since when did we start giving a ratt's butt what bleacher report thinks?
If Loomis got a C then no one else can get above a B
"Bleacher Report" should be referred to as the much more accurate "Blogger Report". It's a site of random bloggers expressing their personal opinions. Like butt holes everybody's got one. Some random AFC fan doesn't like the Saints draft? Who cares.......
The only thing you can grade at this point is value. And the Saints got great value in the 3rd and 5th round
Well believe it or not...

2013 NFL Draft: Breaking down winning and worrisome picks - NFL.com

Best pick (first round)

Wait for it ... Kenny Vaccaro, safety, drafted 15th overall by the New Orleans Saints. I've watched a lot of Saints football over the past three years, and I can tell you that this team needed help in the deep middle. I've had many a conversation with my colleague -- and former New Orleans standout -- Darren Sharper about the back four on that football team. Ultimately, the linebackers and secondary let this team down through much of last season -- as well as during the loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the 2011 playoffs. Let's not forget the poor tackling from the secondary during the postseason prior; remember "beast mode?" Vaccaro will be an instant cure-all when added to a safety group that features the aging Roman Harper and the wildly inconsistent Malcolm Jenkins, who has placed the bar high but has yet to keep it there in his young career.
I didn't click on the link.

If it didn't make you go through a slideshow of 50 pages to get to the article, that's a shock.

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