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Feb 25, 2010
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New Iberia La
Glad that call was not called holding.. But if it was and the 49ers won OMG they would have blamed it on the saints for the next year. They would have said without that power outage...blah blah blah..or becuase that power outage gave the 49ers rest..

In the post game you already can hear a little of what would have been. They all are saying it look like the poweroutaged helped the 49ers almost pull it out.
Goodell caused to power outage to prevent New Orleans from hosting future Super Bowls. I'm kidding and being serious.....
Goodell caused to power outage to prevent New Orleans from hosting future Super Bowls. I'm kidding and being serious.....

I was telling everyone in my house the same thing ...lol
aha, I was thinking it was a disgruntled saints fan that worked in the superdome. One last nudge to ole Roger.
Goodell probably had the excrement scared out of him when the lights went out thinking the Who Dats had come for him!LOL! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in that suite where his highness was enjoying the game.
The outage had to have helped the ratings, ultimately. I'll bet a lot of people shut if off after the Ravens' special teams TD. The outage gave them a reason to turn it back on, and then the score got close.

Although, I think Baltimore's offense would have looked the same in the second half with or without the power outage. I think SF just made better halftime adjustments. Remember, the Ravens didn't touch the ball on offense in the second half prior to the power outage, and they looked crummy for the whole second half.
The NFL did that do make the game closer for TV Ratings

I bet it actually cost them a large portion of the audience. Because the game looked like a blowout, people went to bed, left parties, turned the channel, etc.

I went to sleep on the couch. I would wake up periodically and realized it was becoming a game but said screw it, I hate these teams anyway.
**Breaking News**
"Goodell is looking into the possiblilites of fines and suspensions because of the blackout. The Head of Entergy in New Orleans will serve a one year suspension and New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton will serve the same. When asked why he was suspending Sean Payton again, Goodell replied, 'Because I can! Nanny nanny boo boo!"
Personally, I think New Orleans dodged a bullet when the Ravens won. I was semi cheering for the 49ers, but when they started to come back "because of the outage," that would have turned into a national media fest and a black eye for the city.

Big exhale after the final whistle.
That's bs. Nola will host another bowl. This doesn't do anything to sway the city of having another opportunity to host one.

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