We won, and yet some still whine... (1 Viewer)

Seriously this fan base really needs to stop with the negativity.
Seriously. Enjoy the magic of this victory. This is the type of game that helped make the Saints season so awesome last year. I guess we are spoiled, or just poor winners. Either way, I'm not a big fan of that reality of this forum....

Sounds like you're whining too.
many of our fans are still not used to being associated with a winner
Yeah, this place is toxic win of lose. I'm out till next week.
Drink this in Saints fans. Believe me when I tell you that the way the Cowboys lost today was the way we USED to lose, by SNATCHING defeat out of the jaws of victory.

Dallas fans are losing sleep over this one, sleepless nights with ulcer-inducing mental replays of Roy Williams running wild and free in the secondary only to turn the ball over inside the red zone.

Did anyone doubt that we'd win it after Malcolm Jenkins stripped the ball away? I didn't . Again, drink this in, relish it and enjoy it.
This is the type of win that can propel the saints through the rest of the season. I see this as a huge confidence builder. Never give up.Finish strong.
It sure as hell sounds like whining. Maybe you should take some of your own advice.

I disagree. Some people really seem to have a hard time enjoying a good win. Short week on the road...I am proud of our team. Win or loss though some fans can not wait to point out all of the negative that happened during the game. It gets old.
you think by at least your 9000th post that you would understand how the board is. stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. you knrw that if you log on to the board after a game it would be like this. not calling you stupid but did you expect a different outcome????
No doubt we would win once Jenkins stripped that ball. The team showed its character coming back and winning after the poor second half. Proud of their fight and effort on the short week. Enjoy it for a day or two and then on to the Bengals.

If (when) Atlanta and Tampa lose this victory will be 3 times larger!

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