Which current Saints player needs the biggest "Prove It" season? (1 Viewer)


Sep 24, 2009
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Man, I'm so bored but I get excited about what the 2020 Saints could be it every thing goes right. But without a doubt, for the Saints to finally get over the hump there are some players that need to step up either from a performance standpoint or staying healthy. Which player needs to have it the most? Alex Anzalone, Tre'Quan Smith, Sheldon Rankins, Marcus Williams, Marcus Davenport or someone else?

I'm going to say it's a tie between Anzalone and Davenport. Both can be huge difference makers when on the field but their lack of ability to stay healthy has really hurt the team. Hope that changes going forward!!!
TQS over Davenport and Rankins. Rankins was a first round pick and getting that 5th year option money and probably will land a big elsewhere if not resigned. Davenport was having a great amount of QB pressures last year before injuries set in. He too is getting that first round money.

TQS however has not made big money yet and NO has little invested in him. If he doesn't do good this year he will probably never see that big check. TQS also has to perform well for two years before getting that nice contract.
All of these are good answers. I think Marcus Williams can be thrown in the mix too. His contract is running out and we need to figure out who we’re gonna pay out of that legendary draft.
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Kamara! BDM
I was thinking him at first. He has a 3 year track record. If he just has a good season he'll get paid. But if he falls off then a good contract will be hard to get.

I'm sure Gurleys contract is going to scare teams away from giving out big contracts to RBs for a while. Laveon Bell hasn't lived up to his lofty contract so far also.
Winston or Warford. Next March they may be looking for fat contract

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