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Jul 18, 1998
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Looks like someone named Karen would hang this next to her eat pray love signs. I don’t think our FDL can get any better.
I somehow missed this becoming a thing

Both the memes and the meme backlash

My name is Karen. I would like to register a complaint.

My name has been everywhere on the Internet in recent weeks, with #Karen trending on Twitter, flooding TikTok and becoming the subject of social media memes. #AndThenKarenSnapped also became a viral trend, describing white women losing their tempers.

In the past several years, “Karen” has come to represent a certain archetype of middle-aged white female privilege — or the new n-word, depending on whom you ask. Yup, “Karen” is the new black.

A young Karen likely would have been the class snitch, tattling on her classmates to the teacher to get them in trouble.

Middle-aged Karen is the one asking to see your manager. And a Karen at the peak of her powers will call the police on someone for a mild inconvenience...........


Goatman Saint

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Apr 18, 1999
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Really. This has been going on well over a year. I also work with a Karen who lives up to it in every way. Also, if middle aged white women wouldn’t make it so dang easy, maybe memes wouldn’t fit so well.

Besides someone has to be off complaining to the manager while Kyle is getting drunk on white claws and punching holes in the Sheetrock.
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Jan 20, 2010
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Central Ohio
White women's just need to get the fork over themselves, said this white woman.

By the way, I call my sister Karen all the time. Because that's her name? (No. But it is) but she embodies all that is a Karen and may, in fact, be the prototype.
I will say a few weeks ago my wife was having a moment. We rarely have those moments in the house. It's been the tradition that when one us is having a moment the other will say something funny or quirky and it kinda let's the other one know to settle down. Anyhow...in my wife's moment I said "settle down Karen" and then I laughed. My wife however didn't see that being near as funny as I did. She went full Karen on me after that haha. If I had a manager that manager would've gotten a stern talking to. Haha

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