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"Final Boss" is hardly a unique nickname or concept.

And way more people know who Rock is than ever watched Sendai Girls.
Of course. My point is that the Rock was never called that during his active years while she was.
Of course. My point is that the Rock was never called that during his active years while she was.
Also, I think it's a way to get around Roman being the Tribal Chief at least temporarily. Clearly this is gonna have to be settled in the Bloodline because you can't have 2 bosses in one family. I think there will be a "Civil War" in the Bloodline at some point. Jey is already out there, eventually its gonna be Rock or Roman, and Jimmy/Solo is gonna have to pick a side.

I think if it's done well, you can get a season or few from that whole thread. And of course Seth/Cody/Drew and others will all add their angles to the story. There's plenty they can do with it imo.
He's also their "final" boss though. I think it fits now that he's on the TKO board.
Not directing this at you, but that's a terrible take for folks to throw around. Those believing that has zero clue how BODs work.

There have been many times were I'll get a call from someone saying, "I was talking to one of your board members and he asked me to call you."

So, and?

"Well I was wondering if..."


The true final boss is Ari since he's on the BOD AND is the CEO. Now that's a gimmick I'd like to see play out...

Rock: "When you mess with the Final Boss..."

Ari: "Ummmmm Dwayne... a word."
Good episode of Dynamite tonight. Started with a banger (Ospreay vs Shibata) and ended with a banger (Swerve vs Takeshita).
Give me Elektra vs Zelena any day of the week and on weekends.
Carlito heel turn in 3... 2... 1...
With this match as the main event, I smell a Bianca heel turn on Naomi. I hope I'm wrong.

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