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Unfortunately, there are those who would rather close the borders and stick their collective heads in the sand. That will just get a whole lot more people killed than is necessary.

Agreed. Either we spend the money now or we spill our blood later. The choice is pretty damn clear.

Also, shout out to baarbogast, efil, Dave, et al who keep this thread going. I don't post much cause I work nights and the conversation is dead at those times but yall keep on top of things. Thank you.
Don't know if yall know of K-2 , but ive posted before here.

This one 34 min. They providing "eye in sky" real time info for UAF troops defending a trench line. (And directing artillery support).

About 15 or more RuAF troops landed in trench, and well, only one captured. The rest, you will see.

At one point the Russians tried to go left (up) and right (down) but met resistance and were "herded" back to spot where artillery had pinpointed. Toward end, 3 decided to break out trench and i guess make for tree line well off in distance and UAF said nope.


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