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2nd stage was as boring since there was some action. Wonder if the will be able to run the entire third stage with a storm coming in though.
The race got exciting in a hurry after the first caution in the final stage. Wrecks, more wrecks and a rain delay. Suspect the race will be called soon.
Kinda shocking, but the race is gonna resume on the wet tires and should be interesting to see how it finishes. They're prepping the track now and trying to get rid of the standing water.
I like that we have a wet tire package now for these kinds of tracks. I don't like that Nascar decides to baby the teams about it - with all of the instruction and non-competitive stops, BUT I fully get it, this is the first time and they want to make sure that it all goes smoothly. And there's also no data for the teams to rely on, so I get it.

I just hope they're able to move from that soon. It needs to be fully in the hands of competitors.

But that said, it was cool to see that all shake out.
This Xfinity Chicago street race is incredible. The first stage was an absolute masterclass by Larson and SVG. Must see TV.

And more in the Cup race tomorrow.
Running in this condition is just flat STUPID! If they want to run this street race then use a city that generally has a drier climate than Chicago.
Running in this condition is just flat STUPID! If they want to run this street race then use a city that generally has a drier climate than Chicago.
I absolutely love the Chicago street race. Nascar just has some dastardly luck. Its bizarre. Yesterday the weather was absolutely perfect. Then today the sheet show started. Had they started early, like noon or 1 pm, they would have finished before the rain. But you can't predict stuff like that.
Great xfinity race - tomorrow should be good. Pocono is such a cool, technical track. Fast!
The Xfinity race at Indy oval was pretty good. The last 2 laps were fantastic and Riley Herbst did a hell of a job finishing. That drift in turn 4 was insane. How he held on without wrecking was something else.

SHR finishing 1-2 was wild considering how bad Fords were early in the season. They’ve found their stride.

Big announcement this morning with Custer heading to the 41 in Cup. Herbst likely will make the jump as well, with 23XI being the rumored target in a 3rd car presumably with the new charter.

That leaves 2 spots open at Haas Factory Team, apparently the new team name with the departure of Tony. Rumors are that Hailie Deegan is gonna be headed there. Other names being mentioned are Preece and Harrison Burton. This would be a great opportunity for Deegan to go to a championship caliber team and pretty much would be sink or swim time for her.

Makes sense because NASCAR really needs someone like Deegan being one of the faces since Xfinity will be moving to CW next season and they will want to target the younger demographic and gain new fans with a young star like Deegan.

I’m pulling for her. She’s had a tough road the last couple of seasons and AM Racing was a bad fit for her. That team doesn’t know what they’re doing lol. Deegan in top shelf equipment will need to run in the top 15 and get some 10s and 5s and hopefully she’s good enough to get on the podium eventually.
Just a heads up, make sure you set your DVR to USA. With the breaking news, they switched from NBC to USA for the Indy oval Cup race.

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